Human Development

Urban Restoration Enhancement Corporation Youth InitiativesInvesting in people . . .

At Urban Restoration Enhancement Corporation, no one is left out of the equation. UREC takes pride in investing in individuals across generational, social and economic lines. Our human development initiatives educate, activate and train youth and adults to become empowered community members & stakeholders, reliable professionals and successful entrepreneurs. Our investments in others continue to pay off.


Youth Initiatives

NBR Youth Fellowship Program
UREC partners with Baton Rouge employers to provide onsite workforce development exposure to Baton Rouge youth each summer during the NBR Youth Fellowship Program. Many fellows determined successful career and college tracks as a result. More than 800 fellows have completed the fellowship to date.

21st Century Learning Center at Glen Oaks Middle
The 21st Century Learning Center is a partnership between UREC, LSU Cain Center, Glen Oaks Middle School and local business and community partners. The center is housed on the Glen Oaks campus and provides participating students and families with academic, cultural and artistic enrichment opportunities in science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM).

Freedom School
UREC sponsors the Children’s Defense Fund’s (CDF) Freedom School program in North Baton Rouge. The program is a summer enrichment program, which focuses on: high quality academic enrichment; parental and family involvement; civic engagement and social action; intergenerational servant leadership development; and nutrition, health and mental health. More than 350 youth have participated in the CDF Freedom School since its inception in 2007.

Glen Oaks High School Security Dads Partnership
UREC partners with The Glen Oaks High School Security Dads program to assist young participants in the NBR Youth Fellowship Program, as well as Freedom School. The Security Dads program was implemented in hopes of bringing more fathers into the life of schools. The fathers help in several different ways including, mentoring the youth and providing food for events. These dads work diligently to play a vital role in the overall success of UREC’s youth programs.


How UREC Invests

Urban Gardens Neighborhood Association
UREC mobilizes, trains, and encourages homeowners to be champions for their community and quality of life.

Transition to Homeownership Program
UREC is one of 43 U.S. affiliates offering comprehensive housing counseling to individuals in areas such as:

  • Homeownership
  • Pre and post housing purchases
  • Avoiding evictions and defaults
  • Fair lending and predatory lending
  • Foreclosure intervention

Grandparent Information Center Partnership
UREC sponsors the Grandparent Information Center in partnership with the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Information Center of Louisiana (GRGICL). UREC provides housing to seniors living in Urban Villa’s “Grandparent’s House” apartments. GRGICL provides supportive services to grandparents residing at Grandparents House. Learn more here.


Special Initiatives

UREC sponsors annual community initiatives to raise awareness and support: Community Development Symposium, Small Business Training and the annual Giving Hearts events.