Rural Development

UREC provides project development oversight on community development projects in rural areas in Louisiana.

Plaquemine, Louisiana: UREC partnered with Plymouth Rock Baptist Church, which formed New Horizon Community Development Corporation, to develop 8 multi-family rental units in Plaquemine. For this development, New Horizon repurposed land that formerly served as a vegetable garden to bring new, affordable housing options to residents.

The two-phase project includes the development of four duplexes, with each unit offering approximately 1,391 sq. ft. of living space, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, exterior porches, a side patio, storage space and modern appliances and fixtures. As the developer for the project, UREC helped to secure the development team and financing while also serving as a project consultant.

Baker, Louisiana: UREC has partnered with the City of Baker and Louisiana Housing Corporation to rehabilitate 10 homeowner-occupied homes for families that were 50% and below the area’s median income. The project is slated to begin in 2023. UREC will oversee the intake process in conjunction with the City of Baker, secure contractor bids, monitor construction, secure environmental services, and provide additional administrative functions.

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