Huey & Angelina Wilson Foundation Supports Safe & Affordable Housing in North Baton Rouge

(Baton Rouge) – The Huey and Angelina Wilson Foundation’s mission is to enhance Louisiana’s communities throughout the Greater Baton Rouge area by supporting philanthropic initiatives and programs that improve the lives of its citizens.

In 2013, the Foundation began investing in UREC’s youth development programs, which focus on developing the 21st century learning skills, college and career readiness of Baton Rouge youth. Today, that partnership has expanded to the affordable housing arena, as UREC is pleased to announce that the Foundation is a community partner in UREC’s Urban Garden Senior Village Development.

Jan Ross, Executive Vice Present of Philanthropy at the Foundation, said, “Finding affordable housing when you’re at a low-income job is very difficult, and UREC has been creating housing developments that are increasing the supply of affordable housing in our community—a place that is safe, a place that is affordable, and a place where your family can be the most productive.”

Among its core values, the Foundation seeks to support and strengthen organizations working in the areas such as human services, healthcare, education and prison reentry that strive to address the underlying causes of social and economic problems.

Ross said, “UREC provides that opportunity for us to invest in a nonprofit that is providing solutions to the community.” Watch Ross discuss the Huey and Angelina Wilson Foundation’s partnership with UREC in the video above.

About the Senior Village
UREC developed Urban Garden Senior Village to add new, affordable housing to the Urban Garden neighborhood, which UREC previously built and developed in North Baton Rouge. The neighborhood is located at the site of the old Hollywood Elementary School and provides the first newly constructed homes built in the area in more than 50 years. In the upcoming weeks, UREC will continue to share more exciting updates and partnerships regarding Urban Garden Senior Village via e-mail and our social media channels. Please connect with UREC via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to stay abreast of this project, which is “Building Today’s Communities for Tomorrow!”

About UREC
UREC is a nonprofit community development organization that has served Baton Rouge since 1992 with a mission to “transform communities by investing in people and restoring neighborhoods.” Learn more at