Giving Hearts Spotlight: LSU College of Engineering

UREC recognizes LSU’s College of Engineering, Student Services & Diversity Initiatives for its support of the 21st Century Learning Program, Project STEAM initiative.  The school continues to provide valuable support and resources that drive the leadership and administrative components of the program.

Jada Lewis, Assistant Dean at LSU College of Engineering, Student Services and Diversity Initiatives, said:   “My office is committed to developing a pipeline of diverse talent in STEAM, and this teacher professional development is an outcome of that commitment.  This professional development experience for teachers is  focused on them developing fun activities that they can replicate in their classroom that exposes the students to the integration of  technical content and art and generates interest in STEAM disciplines.”  Lewis added, “It has been a great experience partnering with the UREC and the LSU Cain Center and helping students in some of the most challenging situations see the opportunities available in science, technology, art, and math.”



Giving Hearts