Apply to UREC’s 2019 IGNITE Fellowship

Urban Restoration Enhancement Corporation is accepting applications for the 2019 College & Career Ready IGNITE Fellowship.  IGNITE is an interactive summer and after-school initiative that prepares high school students to create the jobs of tomorrow through entrepreneurship training, college and career readiness and ACT Prep. Complete the IGNITE Fellowship application here.

Program Details & Dates

  • Entrepreneurship Boot Camp
    (June 19th – July 31st)
    During the summer portion of IGNITE, students will be introduced to the principles of entrepreneurship and will learn how to develop a business plan. Students will participate in internships at local businesses to gain real-world professional experience that aligns with their career aspirations. Students will also demonstrate their entrepreneurial skills during a live business pitch competition, which will be judged by local entrepreneurs. Learn about the business pitch competition here. Program hours will be during the day, Monday through Friday.


  • ACT Prep & College and Career Readiness
    (September 3rd – November 13th)
    In the fall, students will further prepare for future careers by focusing on college readiness. During the ACT Prep & College and Career Readiness component of IGNITE, students will: master ACT test taking skills; explore college opportunities; develop critical thinking skills; and discover tips for financial planning and budgeting for college. Program participants will be required to register for the official Fall ACT exam. Program hours will be after school, Monday through Wednesday.

The 2019 IGNITE Fellowship is offered via UREC’s College & Career Ready Initiative in partnership with Southern University’s College of Business, the Huey and Angelina Wilson Foundation, Louisiana Department of Education, Capital Area United Way and the City of Baton Rouge.