Meet Baton Rouge’s Conscientious Teen: Alex Taylor

Alex Taylor, UREC Pre-Law Institute alumnus, founded the Conscientious Teen to educate and engage youth on civic matters.

UREC’S youth development initiatives are intentional about educating, empowering, and activating youth to be leaders in society. We are especially proud when our participants begin demonstrating their leadership capabilities in the community. Alex Taylor is an alumnus of UREC’s College & Career Ready Pre-Law Institute, which introduces Baton Rouge area high school students to civics, law and criminal justice in partnership with Southern University Law Center. He recently launched The Conscientious Teen—a group created by and for teens to keep them involved in important issues of the day.

What’s the purpose of Conscientious Teen?
Our focus is on informing local teens about Louisiana and Baton Rouge issues and also aiming to be a resource for teens across the nation who are looking to get involved.

Why is this organization important to youth?

Much of American legislation either directly affects youth or frames a world in which we are required to live in. It’s essential for youth to know that our voices can be heard. Although we spread information, our organization is primarily about empowerment, and teens need to be empowered.

What have you been working on?

Our first event was a voting drive. Since then, we have been working on research and building our team to ensure we are providing the best, most understandable, and consistent information possible. We are currently exploring the topic of police brutality and hope to host our first phone bank to advocate for better police training as well as a speaker to address the topic.

The Conscientious Teen held a voter registration drive in 2020.

How did participating in UREC’s Pre-Law Institute help you with this initiative?

The pre-law program introduced me to some amazing and intelligent individuals, and two of them are currently on the team. But, more importantly, it inspired me. Engaging in discussions and being challenged to think critically within a classroom pushed me to think critically outside of it as well. It was one of the many inspirations that helped me begin building this project.

Alex is a graduating senior at Baton Rouge Magnet High School. He aspires to work as an attorney in government, has interests in international diplomacy and would like to become a congressman in the future.