Register for Families & Educators United Virtual Conference

UREC’s Families & Educators United: Supporting Our Students virtual conference is rescheduled for September 1-2, 2020. The two-day event will convene parents, students, educators, and community stakeholders in the Baton Rouge area to discuss strategies to enhance and support student learning and overall success during and beyond COVID-19. The event is free and open to the public.  Click HERE to register. The full conference schedule is below.

September 1:  Virtual Conference Sessions
11:05 AM Welcome
11:15 AM EBRPSS Reopening Blueprint: Back-to-School 2020
12:25 PM The Importance of Parental Sensitivity and Responsiveness in Creating a Supportive Environment for Children
4:00 PM Mental Health Awareness:  Recognizing, Responding, Resiliency, and Self-Care
5:05 PM The Importance of Family Engagement for Educators
September 2:  Virtual Conference Sessions
11:05 AM Welcome
11:15 AM Empowering Parents for Virtual Learning: EBRPSS EdTech Team
12:25 PM Accessing Community Resources
4:00 PM Relationship Building: Understanding Parent & Teacher Home Bridge Visits
5:05 PM Student Voices Amid the Crisis