Kean Miller Invests in Pre-Law Program, Helps Youth Build Confidence for the Future

Urban Restoration Enhancement Corporation’s (UREC) Pre-Law Institute provides high school students in Baton Rouge with opportunities to explore the fundamentals of law while exploring career opportunities in the legal arena.

Community investment and collaboration are important to the success of each high school student who participates in the program.

 Kean Miller is a respected law firm in Baton Rouge that has been providing legal counsel to individuals and industries for 40 years. Whether providing UREC’s pre-law participants with a tour of the firm, availing attorneys to interact with participants, or sponsoring a pre-law cohort, Kean Miller is dedicated to the success of the UREC Academy Pre-Law Institute.

Linda Perez Clark, a partner at Kean Miller’s Baton Rouge office and a member of UREC’s board of directors, said:  “The purpose of UREC’s pre-law institute aligns with Kean Miller’s work and desire to be a strong community partner on initiatives that align with commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive legal profession. We believe in the young people who come through the program and are delighted to support their endeavors in exploring careers in law.”

To date, more than 45 high school students have participated in the program, which is offered through partnerships with Huey & Angelina Wilson Foundation, Southern University Law Center, Capital Area United Way, and Kean Miller LLP.

Rachel Grace Albert, a student at Magnet High School, participated in the 2023 Pre-Law Institute where she learned how to find evidence to support a claim and improved her communications and analytical skills to defend her positions.

“UREC provided an educational experience that was new to me. Most of my academic extracurricular activities and course electives have been related to STEM,” Albert said. “UREC gave me my first opportunity to learn about law in a unique setting. For weeks, I actually learned law from a professional African American female lawyer.”

During the most recent UREC Academy Trailblazers Pre-Law Institute, participants studied under the leadership of Attorney Erica D. Williams-Bell, developed an understanding of the law and criminal justice system, and gained experience in trial proceedings.

“I have more confidence to use my strengths in front of others,” said Albert who plans to use her new communication skills in writing, class presentations and team collaborations.

UREC Academy Trailblazers provides high school students with after-school and summer institutes that provide pathways to industry-based credentials, college and career readiness, ACT preparation, and real-world or simulated professional experiences. For more information about future institutes, contact UREC at, visit, and Follow UREC on Facebook and Instagram.