UREC Announces Completion of $2M Satinwood Grove Neighborhood in North Baton Rouge

(Front L-R): Vickie Theriot, Executive Vice President, Capital Area Finance Authority; Steven Brown, Vice President/Commercial Loan Officer, The Cottonport Bank; Carl Dillon, President & CEO, Urban Restoration Enhancement Corporation; Louis Russell, Chief of Multifamily Production, Louisiana Housing Corporation (LHC). (Back L-R): Dante Bidwell, Chief of Staff, Office of Mayor—President Sharon Weston Broome; Raymond Rodriguez, Deputy Administrator – Disaster Recovery, LHC; Kelvin Hill, Director of Housing, Louisiana Office of Community Development.

(Baton Rouge) – Urban Restoration Enhancement Corporation (UREC) announces the completion of the Satinwood Grove neighborhood in North Baton Rouge. Establishment of the multi-residence project delivers on UREC’s promise to transform and restore vacant land in North Baton Rouge into sustainable and affordable neighborhoods.

Situated in the Merrydale neighborhood, Satinwood Grove is an 8-unit residential community that provides affordable housing to families with low to moderate incomes. Each home offers approximately 1,200 sq.ft. of living space, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a private patio,  a modern kitchen, enclosed garages, and additional features.  One of the eight units was built with ADA standards for accessible design.

UREC constructed Satinwood Grove with more than $2M in investments from entities such as Louisiana Housing Corporation, Louisiana Office of Community Development, City of Baton Rouge/Parish of East Baton Rouge, Capital Area Finance Authority, Huey and Angelina Wilson Foundation, Capital One, and The Cottonport Bank.

East Baton Rouge Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome said: “As Mayor of Baton Rouge, I’m proud to witness the completion of Satinwood Grove, a testament to the collaborative efforts dedicated to fostering quality affordable housing and community development. This achievement underscores the power of partnerships between public and private entities in creating vibrant, inclusive neighborhoods. Developments like Satinwood Grove reflect our shared commitment to enhancing the livability and accessibility of our city.”

UREC President & CEO Carl Dillon Jr. said: “UREC works closely with city, state, and community partners to identify areas ripe for community development, and we continue to reap the rewards one neighborhood and one family at a time. The completion of Satinwood Grove highlights a significant milestone in a collaborative effort to ensure that more families can access quality and affordable housing.”

“After the 2016 Floods, I knew LHC would play a vital role in rebuilding the affordable housing market in Baton Rouge,” said LHC Interim-Executive Director Marjorianna Willman. “Satinwood Grove is just one of many projects that LHC has helped fund within the past few years. It’s our job to help rebuild and pick up the pieces when disaster strikes.”

Jan Ross, Executive Vice President – Philanthropy for the Huey & Angelina Wilson Foundation, said: “Housing provides the infrastructure for families to grow and join supportive communities. The Foundation supports and applauds initiatives like Satinwood Grove that are prioritizing the most essential needs for families to prosper and maintain stability.”

UREC held a grand opening ceremony at Satinwood Grove on Thursday, December 14, 2023.

About UREC’s Community Development Initiatives

UREC is a nonprofit community development organization that was established in 1992. UREC’s mission is to transform communities by investing in people and restoring neighborhoods. To date, UREC has developed more than 140 single and multi-family residences throughout Baton Rouge. In 2023, UREC completed construction of both the Satinwood Grove and Foster Oaks (Phase I) neighborhoods, adding 22 new homes to North Baton Rouge. UREC is currently expanding Foster Oaks, constructing the Hollywood Garden neighborhood which will create eight single-family homes for ownership, and developing 2.5 acres of land along Winchester Avenue to create more quality, affordable housing options. Learn more HERE.

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